Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear Miss M....

Holy Moly I was so worried my impatient and restless lil girl was going to make her appearance 3 months early! What a crazy two weeks it has been and after 4 days getting to know the nurses and doctors in the Women & Family unit at the hospital, Mommy is finally feeling like herself again- and you are staying put!

On Sunday January 29th, Mommy went into the hospital soooo sick and in pain! They admitted me because they didn't know what was causing the problems. Regardless of my nausea, pain, vomiting, or restlessness, you were JUST FINE. My onry lil bug gave the nurses such a hard time! They put the monitors on my tummy to check your heart rate, but you took advantage of the attention to show off your kicks and spins you've been practicing in there! You made it nearly impossible for them to get their 20 minutes of monitoring in- something we've started warning people about! You got a little angry during the ultrasound as well, moving and grooving to your own little beats.... but we didn't really make you mad until we had to have an MRI done to check on Mommy's abdomen. They didn't know if my pain was associated with my kidney or my appendix, so in we went! You didn't like the large device I was strapped into, the movement of the machine, the position I had to be in, and most definitely the sounds! Those loud clanks and thumps were driving you NUTS in there, huh? You were angry for a while after it ended, and didn't bother letting me know!
We also underwent our first surgery together little girl! The doctors thought Mommy's pain was being caused by a kidney stone that blocking and irritating my urethra, so into the OR we went... You had a nurse with you the whole time- monitoring you while Mommy was under...and you did wonderfully! Mommy was so nervous and worried about you the whole time and you were the first question on my mind when I came to.
Mommy's had a bad couple of weeks with the pain and discomfort from the surgery- but feeling like herself again. I've officially decided that Daddy and I need to be ready for you to come out early- because you just seem to be causing all kinds of chaos in there!
8 weeks. That's what Mommy's decided that she's going to plan on. There's so much to do and hopefully in the next week or so, Daddy and I can really buckle down and get started on your room.... Auntie Bridgett's started planning your first party! We've moved up potential dates for your shower just to be sure Mommy's not in the hospital the day we should be celebrating! Maybe you'll be your Daddy's birthday present? I'd be okay with that. :) I can't wait to meet you little Bug. Everything we've gone through- the pain and scares, the hospital stay and time off from work- it's hard and confusing, but will be so worth it when I get to meet your beautiful little face! The months have been going by so fast, and I know that these next weeks will too! If you will just wait long enough for us to get through a few things- maternity pictures, showers, finishing your nursery, preparing all the supplies and stuff you're gonna need- then I'll be ready to meet you.
Just be patient little bug!

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