Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Nursery Wishlist....

Oh, I love the internet. 
Justin hates it. :)

I could spend HOURS looking at all the beautiful nursery ideas on design blogs! There are SO. MANY. OPTIONS. for EVERYTHING! Unfortunately for my husband and our bank account, I tend to have really expensive tastes. I blame my parents. I tend to lean towards expensive woods and finishes, (your fault Rod!) beautiful fabrics & designs (Robin- lookin' at you!) and always believe I (or my poor husband..) have the ability to recreate these things on my own. (Both of you Jones' are at fault!) 

Lets start with the obvious. 
The crib and dresser.
My plan was originally to find an old dresser and refinish it to match whatever crib I decided on. However, when shopping with my awesome mother-in-law last week, I realized I didn't want to deal with the process of refinishing- mostly because Mr. M would have ended up doing it!- or the idea of sticky drawers that don't smoothly pull out or push in. So, now I'm hoping to find a crib/dresser set that still has all the qualities I'm looking for in the finish of a vintage refurbish. I originally wanted something in a dark wood finish- but the room is relatively small- so I think a medium wood finish will be best. I also know I want to avoid anything white- our plan is to finish the walls with a white beadboard paneling and I think the wood finish of the furniture will be a great contrast...
Restoration Hardware has my back. I've always loved this store- and tend to turn to it for inspiration when planning refinishing projects, so naturally their Baby & Child line is PERFECTION. Here is the dream....
RH Baby & Child

And of course, the beautiful dresser that matches...I love both the small  and long dresser.... though the longer one is preferred for the changing station on top! 
RH Baby & Child
Another amazing option from Restoration Hardware is the Jameson Collection- the FINISH on this crib and dresser is absolutely A.MAH.ZING. It is exactly what I'm looking for- a new structure with the finish of something worn and weathered over the years.... now if only we could do something about the price tag?
RH Baby & Child
RH Baby & Child

So between my poor husband and my poor mother-in-law, someone is always stuck with me and my ideas of what I am looking for to furnish Miss M's little haven.I've always known I wanted an upholstered rocker/glider that is COM.FORT.ABLE.... but after seeing this beauty- I've been leaning towards the style with the exposed wooden rockers for a more traditional look...
Land of Nod
However, this style (and pricetag) are not exactly what I'm looking for in Miss M's room.... the style is just a little too modern.... enter dream chair from Pottery Barn Kids...I introduced my mother-in-law to this on our last shopping trip....
PB Kids
Lower in price, exactly the right combination of clean lines and traditional style... even the color is beautiful. And this comfy little chair even comes with the option of purchasing the 4 legs to make it into a traditional armchair later on- uh, awesome?!

So there's the list. Now how do I go about finding all of these items for a more affordable price so Miss M can also enjoy the luxuries in life- like food and diapers. :)

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