Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear Miss M....

100 days.
How is it even possible that we only will wait that long until you will forever be in our lives? 
The idea of becoming a mommy is something I've thought so much about but can't even fathom until I meet your sweet little face.

You're such an animated little bug aren't you? I went from waiting and hoping for that first slight movement (felt at 5:00am one morning after Daddy left for work- thank you very much!) And now I find it odd to go an hour without feeling one of your crazy punch/kick combinations. Some times it's a dance party- other times it's just a single dull, deep thud.  But regardless, I know you're there. You seem to love the sounds of music and spent most of an afternoon moving around while the computer belted out tracks from Glee.... good tastes? I think so. 

Can I point out now how spoiled you already are? Your Grandpa Jones created a fabulous closet for his little bug that most girls only dream of- and your poor Daddy took note of how much stuff is already filling that closet..... Aunt Bridgett has guaranteed you will be traveling in style with your beautiful stroller and carseat and of course your Grandma Robin and Grandma Mary are already addicted to adorable baby stuff.... (we won't point out your Grandma Robin's Pinterest pinboard she already has....) You are already one loved little girl, Miss M. I guess that's why you feel the need to dance and move and remind the world how ready it needs to be for your arrival....

This mommy is usually pretty stress-free (with the exception of my search for the perfect crib for you...), but this last weekend, you have me a little scared my sweet baby bug.... I've been having little contractions here and there for a while now, but when combined with pressure and pain, it's never a good thing.... after spending the entire weekend in bed (you can get a lot of Pinterest pinboards organized from there...) I seem to be feeling better and the pressure and pain is gone. However, the contractions remain, so into the doctor's I go tomorrow to insure you are staying exactly where you need to. 
Thoughts of you deciding to come early have been flooding my brain for the last 48 hours little girl, and I don't like it. 
You stay exactly where you are sweet baby, the world is not ready for you yet....

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